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Terrace Rooms

Room Description

Set on levels 2 to 7 of The Richardson, 12 Terrace Rooms offer every comfort in a compact layout. Each room includes a beautifully appointed bedroom, luxurious private ensuite and a private balcony with views over leafy West Perth. Room interiors are designed with immaculate attention to detail, with luxury fixtures and fittings and a light and airy contemporary style of decor. Residents have access to their level’s shared lounge, kitchenette and dining facilities, plus a Southern communal balcony for outdoor dining and leisure activities.

Levels 2 to 5 of The Richardson accommodate 14 residents each, while level 6 accommodates 13 residents and level 7 accommodates 12 residents.



Refundable Accommodation Deposit* (RAD): $850,000
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP): $114.34 per day

Or a combined RAD and DAP payment structure – example below calculated based on 75% RAD payment and 25% DAP payment.

75% RAD $637,500 + 25% DAP of $28.58 per day

*Note that the balance of a resident’s RAD is refunded in full when they leave The Richardson. DAP is based on current MPIR as at 1st January 2020 of 4.91%. Floor plan is indicative and may vary.

For a full explanation of pricing terminology and structure, please see our pricing page.

Terrace Aged Care Room at The Richardson West Perth

Floor Plan

Room Floorplan.