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Aged care lifestyle program & activities

Moving into your new home at The Richardson doesn’t mean giving up your hobbies and interests. We encourage all residents to continue living their best life, and provide them with the care and support to do this.

The importance of social interaction

Social interaction and an active lifestyle is essential to our health and well-being and maintaining this is vital as we age. Living with like-minded people in residential care provides residents with daily conversation and interaction. The extensive lifestyle activities on offer at The Richardson guarantees our residents enjoy many social activities and the opportunity to connect and build relationships daily.

Lifestyle activities

Our talented Lifestyle Coordinator, Aureen, has developed an inspiring lifestyle program with a range of activities and events available every day for our residents. At the Richardson we understand the importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health and offer an array of daily exercise routines including, cardio, resistance training, weight training and seated yoga/stretch. We also provide regular exercise sessions in our indoor, heated pool.

Our lifestyle calendar is also filled with a number of sessions focused around music as we understand that music can provide comfort and relief for our residents, by increasing relaxation, aiding memory recall and even helping with cognitive abilities such as improved speech. Whether it be classical, pop icons, opera or a sing-a-long we have a music session to suit everyone. Beyond exercise and music we also have myriad activities for residents interested in art, reading, meditation & relaxation, games and gardening. Additionally, The Richardson connects with the local church and other spiritual groups for prayer and worship.

On every residential level of The Richardson our residents have a communal hub where they dine and relax with their neighbours each day. Further to these daily connections we host a number of morning teas, luncheons, high teas and soirées in our café, restaurant or courtyard throughout the month where our residents can catch up and enjoy a delicious meal created by our head chef, Javier.

What’s more, for those not up to socialising we also offer one-on-one activities in addition to our monthly calendar that are tailored to meet the needs and specific interests of each resident.

Get in touch with our care team for more information about the aged care lifestyle program and specialised activities on offer at The Richardson.

Meet our Lifestyle Coordinator, Aureen

I have been involved in the aged care industry for over twenty years. My journey began as a Physiotherapy Assistant where I was fortunate enough to be trained by expert Physiotherapists; working one on one with them to help residents maintain mobility and range of movement.

Throughout my career my employers have provided frequent learning opportunities allowing me to develop a varied skill set within the industry. For example, I have been trained by exceptional Occupational Therapists and a Speech Pathologist, all of whom were generous in sharing their time and knowledge with me.

I love learning, so to be given such opportunities is one of the reasons I work in this industry. The other being that I love what I do; I‘m never bored and there are never enough hours in the day. What drives me to do this work? It’s soulful and purposeful, I am of service to others, I get to be creative every day and sometimes I make a difference.

Best of all, I spend my days with interesting, knowledgeable people who have lived, loved and experienced so much. Is this not the best job ever?